Garuda Flies

An Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Following the basic Garuda Plays part is Aerial Kids Yoga Teacher training.
Only those who have completed Garuda Plays or another corresponding certified programme (upon approval by the Director of Studies) can participate in this part of the training programme.

During Garuda Flies, trainee teachers will be individually introduced to all essential Aerial Asanas for children, all indications and precautions they are required to be familiar with , as well as a great deal of imaginative games with the use of a hammock.


The training programme’s curriculum includes basic knowledge on:

*Indications and Contraindications
*Hammock Games (by age)
*Hammock Asanas
*Safety Rules
*Lesson plan and structure
*Sample lessons
*Business of Aerial Yoga

As with Garuda Plays, Garuda Flies can be attained either Intensively (21 hours) or Extensively (45 hours).

Programme timetable includes observation of live Yoga classes held by Aerial Kids Yoga instructors and practical training hours.

After having completed Garuda Flies, trainees will be granted with certification of attendance and successful completion of the programme.

*Attendees that complete both units of Garuda Kids Yoga (Garuda Plays & Garuda Flies) will be able to receive certification from Yoga Alliance India.


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Garuda Plays/The Deck

Garuda Plays/ The Deck, is an imaginative cards game with all basic yoga poses – yoga asanas in a hammock, having names conceived by the designers of the training programme in order to relate to early childhood.The game which was designed with love and devotion by Froso Tourna and Maria Magkanari, is therefore an ideal and complete tool set for any Aerial Kids Yoga class.Throughout the training programme, you are provided with various ideas for using the cards, while you can most certainly come up with your own.

For more information on the game and how to get it, please contact us via phone or e-mail.