Garuda plays

A kids yoga teacher training


Garuda Plays basic training, provides trainees with all those necessary tools in order to feel prepared to instruct a Kids and Teen Yoga class (ages 4-13)

Course Curriculum includes:

*Tools of instruction/ methodology/ Kids Yoga philosophy/ Yoga lesson planning

*Anatomy: childhood to adolescence. Stages of growth and development as well as changes in musculoskeletal system. Peculiarities and ways of dealing with them.


*Pedagogical Principles by age group

*An introduction and basic knowledge concerning physically challenged children

*Child and adolescent psychology during stages of growth and development


Garuda Kids training programme can be attained either

Extensively: 45 hours
Intensively: 21 hours

*Intensive programme attendees are entitled to attend extensive courses at anytime, in any place convenient to them.

Programme timetable includes observation of live Yoga classes held by Kids Yoga instructors and practical training hours.

After having completed Garuda Plays, trainees will be granted with certification of attendance and successful completion of the programme.

*Attendees that complete both units of Garuda Kids Yoga (Garuda Plays & Garuda Flies) will be able to receive certification from Yoga Alliance India.



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